James is a talented and fantastic event photographer and a pleasure to work with. He's polished, professional, meets deadlines, and captures amazing photos. He really understands what makes our CLLAW or Sideshow Theatre benefit events special and captures those moments on camera. His candid shots are engaging and exciting, and he really understands what equipment and techniques are needed to make truly useful and excellent event photos. James' work is always outstanding, he's a perfectionist and is always bringing new ideas and ways to improve his final product every time we worked with him. He also gets into the spirit of the events, mingling and interacting with our top donors and supporters charmingly.

Megan A. Smith
Executive Director, Sideshow Theatre Company

James captured the energy of our band in a professional and incredibly exciting photo shoot. The photos speak for themselves, but if you need words, james rand is brilliant.

James Manno
Frontman for The B.O.T.S.

James is reliable, professional, and easy-going. I was always happy with the quality of his work. He never missed a deadline and I would definitely work with him again. Plus, he recommends great podcasts.

John Kristoff
Supervisor at Doggyloot.com